The website for the Swine Genomics Program at the University of Illinois provides updates to the activities of participants as well as international efforts associated with the pig genome sequencing initiative, porcine functional genomics, the characterization of complex traits, and the utility of the pig for biomedical research.

porcine genome sequencing project

Project Directors

Jane Rogers, The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

Lawrence Schook, University of Illinois

Steering Committee & Technical Support

Alan L. Archibald*#, Roslin Institute

Craig W. Beattie*, University of Illinois at Chicago

Jonathan E. Beever*#, University of Illinois

M. Boggess#, National Pork Board, USA

Joseph P. Cassady#, North Carolina State Univeristy

Patrick Chardon*#, INRA-Jouy-en-Joysas

Kellye Eversole#, Alliance for Animal Genome Research

Merte Fredholm*, KVL, Denmark

Ronnie Green#, ARS-USDA

Debora Hamernik#, CSREES-USDA

Sean Humphray*#, The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

B. Liu*, Beijing Genome Center

Denis Milan*#, INRA-Toulouse

F.A. Ponce de Leon*, University of Minnesota

Gary Rohrer*, ARS-USDA

Max F. Rothschild*#, Iowa State University

Bruce Schatz*, University of Illinois

H. Uenishi*, National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences

Ming Che Wu*, Taiwan Livestock Research Institute

Steering Committee #
Technical Support *
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